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QUAEST – Strategic Sourcing! Reinvented!

In today’s business world, the importance of procurement is ever increasing. With up to 75% of a business’ cost base driven by suppliers, the diligent control of procurement as a significant productivity factor becomes a competitive advantage. Making category management work for you requires exceptional talent and innovative strategic sourcing approaches. At the same time, sourcing decisions have to be robust and transparent requiring a rigorous category management process and auditable control. And all of that for an ever widening range and complexity of all the different categories under management by the procurement function. Impossible?

Not anymore! We have reinvented the way strategic sourcing is done. Welcome to QUAEST – The Smart Sourcing Network!

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QUAEST – Sourcing’s new best friend

State of the art strategic tools

QUAEST features more than 50 Q-Apps each containing a state-of-the-art strategic sourcing tool, sophisticated analytics or impactful forums. The Q-Apps are based on hands on sourcing experience, strategic management research and proven category management approaches.

Full category manager Support

The use of sophisticated strategic sourcing tools is not always easy, especially for strategic buyers not using them every day. Recognizing this, QUAEST provides on demand expert sourcing strategy support for very targeted help.

Cloud based

QUAEST is cloud based, making it easy to install, maintain and grow. Customers are up and running within 24 hours. The category manager’s workplace can be accessed from anywhere and is fully integrated into the office environment.

Superior sourcing strategies made simple


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