Our Philosophy

At Quaest we have strong beliefs

Procurement counts
Procurement counts
With sometimes 75% of all external spend under its control, procurement functions have the most important productivity lever in any business. As research has shown, excellence in procurement provides a significant advantage for any business.
People matter most
People matter most
The quality of any strategic work is primarily determined by the capabilities of the people doing it – procurement is no exception. Category managers therefore must become “supply entrepreneurs”.
Procurement is art & science
Art & science
Excellence in procurement is a healthy mix between hard-nosed analysis and year long experience. Bringing the two together is a recipe for success.
Economies of skill
Economies of skill
Rather than breeding individualists, good procurement fosters team players. More people (also from outside the function) will create better strategies and decisions. Bringing them together in an efficient way is the key.
Trust but verify
Trust but verify
Any good category manager will have the results speak for themselves. But since procurement decisions can be time-consuming, as a manager, confidence in progress and quality of the work is reassuring.

Become a Quaestor


The QUAEST founders Nicolas, Christopher and Thomas have several decades of experience in sourcing and technology.

Dr. Nicolas Reinecke

Nicolas earned a doctorate degree before joining McKinsey and Company some 20 years ago. At McKinsey and Company he was in several leading positions in the operations practice serving client globally, particularly on procurement matters. He is a Professor at Wharton University lecturing on supply management.

Christopher Schorling
Co-Founder and CFO

Christopher has a background in Industrial Engineering  with a focus on operations research. He was a Partner at McKinsey and a Managing Director at Accenture before co-founding QUAEST.  After building a strong technology team, he moved into an advisory role. Currently, he is a senior Partner in Bain & Company’s Technology practice.

Thomas R. David
Co-Founder and CTO

Thomas holds a Diploma in computer sciences and an MBA degree from the Mannheim Business School. Before founding Quaest, he was a manager in the IT Strategy capability at Accenture. He has several years of software engineering experience and has worked lastly as a Senior Project Manager for several IT strategy projects.

Bernard Arrateig
Solution Partner Nordics

Bernard has a master degree in biology and purchasing from MAI KEDGE Bordeaux. He has spent the major part of his career in different purchasing positions within UPM. He is a member of EIPM and responsible for the Nordic region. In addition to working for QUAEST he is a lecturer at INSA-Rouen.


Pia Knotte
Online Marketing Specialist

Pia is specialized in Online Marketing and will start her study in Economics next year. At Quaest she is reosponsible for the Search Engine Optimization and for Quaest’s Online Marketing Strategy and Campaigns. She loves learning new things and she is passionate in applying Online Marketing Strategies using Google AdWords, Google Analytics and  Social Media tools and platforms.

Madhukar Shankar
Software Engineer

Madhukar is holding a bachelor degree in Computer Science and is currently doing his Master Degree at Technical University in Munich (TUM). He is passioned in Software Engineering and specialized in large scaling Enterprise Web Applications. At Quaest he is responsible for the Backend Application and for protyping new and easy to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).



The name QUAEST is derived from the latin word of Quaestor, a roman Magistrate who was responsible for all fiscal questions. The word literally means “the one who asks questions” and a Quaestor was expected to be financially prudent.

They also typically rose to become very important officials. All this matched well to our philosophy on successful procurement professionals.


Quaest GmbH was founded in 2015 in Wiesbaden, Germany


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