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QUAEST is a new and innovative productive work environment for strategic procurement professionals. It provides a “business operating system” in which to create robust and effective sourcing strategies by integrating state of the art strategic tools and analytics with process management and cross-functional collaboration. It is fully integrated into existing desktop IT environments and business processes providing full support to category managers, team leaders and CPO’s. QUAEST is the answer to the increasing importance of the procurement function and the need for more business impact.

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State of the art strategic tools and analytics

QUAEST provides more than 50 Q-Apps each containing a state-of-the-art strategic tool and analytics. The Q-Apps are based on hands on sourcing experience, management research and proven approaches. Each Q-App contains a step-by-step approach easily followed by the user. It also contains additional resources like tempates, examples, external reference, further reading material. Using the Q-Apps the user can create a meaningful insight for the processed category providing valuable input to the strategy creation process.

Flexible, adaptable, 100% customized

Using QUAEST, the approach to a unique sourcing problem is not a one-size-fits-all. The user can customize the process by arranging the Q-Apps according to her/his experience and knowledge of the category, the supply market and the business environment. This is done by a simple drag and drop of the Q-Apps into a simple process backbone. This configuration can be done alone or in collaboration with colleagues and even external experts, both in person or online. Furthermore, each Q-App can store helpful comments articulated in the configuration process for later retrieval as well as required check-points for the strategy development.

QUAEST - Flexible, adaptable, 100% customized

Targeted on demand external support

The use of sophisticated strategic tools is not always easy, especially for professionals not using them every day. Recognizing this, QUAEST provides on demand expert support for very targeted help e.g. via Tutors. These Tutors can be contacted online, via phone or in person and will provide the required intervention to complete an analysis or a strategic assessment. Furthermore, with significant sourcing experience, they can support the overall development of the sourcing strategy, the execution of crucial analytics and the creation of critical documentation.

Robust Process Backbone

Auditable and reliable processes are the key to any good sourcing function. QUAEST provides a simple, yet robust 4 step process for all sourcing applications. All analysis, insights and workflows are tracked and logged providing for a full record of all events leading up to a decision like supplier selection or policy changes.

QUAEST - Broad knowledge management

Broad knowledge management

All analysis and end-products are automatically stored and catalogued. So, even if people may change, their knowledge and experience is available for future use. The access to stored knowledge can be configured, so that critical information remains need-to-know. Furthermore, predefined templates within the Q-Apps as well as pre-configured process configurations are available for an easy and simple start.

Full transparency and control

All progress, insights, analysis and ideas that a category manager creates are stored. Depending on the customer’s configuration, this information can be made available to selected groups or individuals creating potential full transparency over the state of the function, group or category work. For critical phases of the category work, decision points requiring sign-off can be introduced. These can also be extended to external parties.

QUAEST - Full transparency and control

Mobile and cross-functional application

QUAEST encourages the use of cross-functional teams in the sourcing process. To facilitate this, at any point in the sourcing process cross-functional workflows can be launched. These could be for feedback or for approval purposes. Several Q-Apps are designed to include cross-functional as well as third-party participation. All events configuring the approach are explicitly created to facilitate team work within the procurement function.

Inline collection and processing of improvement ideas

While a good category strategy provides a holistic view, certain tangible and actionable ideas need to be logged, their progress monitored and their financial impact evaluated. QUAEST provides a new method called IMADE based on proven frameworks of idea maturity. Using a special function, ideas can be created, distributed and commented and managed along their maturity level. An overview of the total impact of ideas can be created for any slice of the category portfolio.


Integrated into the work environment

The QUAEST platform is based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology and therefore fully integrated into the usual Microsoft Office productivity tools, like Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Lync. Documents can be up- and downloaded onto the platform and edited locally. Previously created files can be uploaded into the knowledge management structure provided by QUAEST.

Safe data environment

The QUAEST platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in Western Europe. The data exchange between the host servers and the client is 128 bit encrypted and complies with TLS 1.2 standard. Client data stored in the database is encrypted using AES-256.  Please follow the following link for more information on Azure Security.


Open platform

The QUAEST solution provides a fully open platform for customer and third party use. Customers requiring special analysis, templates, forums or formats can have these implemented as Q-Apps exclusive to their platform. Third party consultants can also have their proprietary frameworks and methods coded as Q-Apps and provided for their customers exclusive use. If requested, the QUAEST Tutor support can be supplemented or replaced by dedicated third party support, provided adequate qualification.

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