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Quaest – Flexible Q-Apps are the key

QUAEST Operating System

QUAEST Operating System

The QUAEST operating system (Q-OS) is web based and coded using Microsoft Sharepoint technology. It is fully integrated into the ususal Microsoft Office productivity tools, like Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Lync.


QUAEST Apps (Q-Apps)

All Q-Apps are web based implementations of detailed workflows. Users are able to navigate through these complex workflows by detailed descriptions of the tasks, templates and examples of end products and further reading with external links. A detailed help function is implemented. The Q-Apps are categorized in four types: Setup, Analyse, Evaluate and Execute.


The Setup Q-Apps help the user in assembling all required information on the processed category for later reference. All relevant stakeholder are identified, listed and notified and the overall goals for the category defined. All relevant material can be uploaded for future reference.


The Analyse Q-Apps provide the core of the category work. In these Q-Apps, sophisticated mathematical and strategic frameworks are used to create insights into the required category strategy. They include tools like Linear Performance Pricing (LPP), Porter’s Five Forces and the Krajlic Matrix.


The Evaluate Q-Apps guide the user through the process of preparation, execution and follow-up of meetings with internal and external stakeholders. These include idea generation and verification as well as preparation meetings. For each forum Q-App a detailed description of best practices and templates of meeting material and minutes are provided.


The Execute Q-Apps mark important milestones in the QUAEST sourcing process. Here, conversion from insights into strategies is prepared, discussed and decided. Also, the conversion of ideas across the different maturity levels of the IMADE framework are managed. These crucial decisions are logged for future audit reference.



The QUAEST Tutors are very experienced professionals with industry or consulting background providing 24×7 support of all QUAEST users. Their help ranges from simple support within Q-Apps to more complex support around analysis and presentations/documentation to expert support during configuration and insight to strategy conversions.


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